A multidisciplinary team of qualified managers with a vast, diversified national and international experience in multiple activity sectors and companies with different sizes.

Franquelim Alves


Management professional with +40 years of experience. Held top management positions in companies in multiple activity sectors: technology, media and telecom, food distribution and retail, health, automobile distribution, hotel business and real estate, strategic and management consultancy, and capital markets.
Was the Secretary of State of Economy of the XV and XIX Governments, and was the President of the IGCP (Portuguese Management of Treasury and Public Credit Institute) and Compete (Managing Authority for Competitiveness) (management of community funds for companies).
Invited assistant at the Catholic University of Portugal and member of the General Board/Vice-President of the Confederation of Portuguese Industry.


MBA in Finance from Catholic University of Portugal.
Economics Degree from the ISEG (1979).
Advanced Management Program from Wharton University (Philadelphia, USA);
Statutory Auditor.
Fluent in English and French, both spoken and written.

Main Companies

Portugal Telecom, Jerónimo Martins, Lusomundo, Grupo BPA (Conselho, Compave and SPR), Ernst & Young, Socifa & Beta, IGCP, Cinveste, Grupo Português de Saúde, Compete, and 3anglecapital/Groupe BDK.

Main Skills

  • Top management in multiple sectors;
  • Setting up of operations in capital markets, merger and acquisitions, and business restructuring;
  • Investment and business portfolio management;
  • Restructuring and implementation of corporate structures;
  • Considerable experience in finance planning operations and tax optimization.